Intuitive Services

Reiki - $60

Experience the energies around Us, now called Quantum Physics by modern day scientists. This energy is available to us to balance our body energies, recover from illness, relief emotional burdens, develop new skills, manage life changing transitions, and much more. 

Spirit Card Reading - $75
The Universal Spirit has multiple ways to communicate with us all. The Tarot cards is just one of many ways. The cards interpreted by a gifted healer will share information relevant to your current path. Get an insight of the larger picture in your current journey, with relevant references to the past and the future.

Hypnosis - $100

Enter a deep, guided meditative trance to resolve fears, eliminate unhealthy habits, unlock new skills and manage life changing events.
Set yourself up for success with the help of a certified hypnotic professional.

Chakra Balancing - $90

Apply the energies around you to bring your chakra energy centers in your body to a balanced state. The chakras influence many aspects of your life, such as health, communication, love, relationships,

money and career. Several tools

are used to bring your chakras into balance

like crystals, herbs, Tibetan bowls and Reiki.

Monday - Closed
Sun/Tues/Wed 12pm-6pm
Thur/Friday 10am-8pm
Sat 10am-6pm

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