Weekly Fill in     $30    1 hour

Bi-Weekly Fill in   $50  1 hour

Full Set Eyelashes  $300  2 hours

Fill in another Salon $95  1 1/2  hour

Complete Clean up  $90  1 1/2 hour

The eye lash extension is the practice of adding synthetic natural looking lashes to your native lashes. This is the most natural  way to look dramatically beautiful, healthy and youthful without eye makeup. 

Attaching them to your lashes prevents the bed of your lashes from being damage and loosing your natural lashes. The commonly used lash strip with glue damages your natural lashes creating an unhealthy look. Therefore it is healthier to attach them individually with a natural adhesive.

The lashes and the adhesive we use are free from formaldehyde, mercury, lead, colorant, artificial fragrances and other harmful substances, and the adhesive itself has natural antibacterial properties for added protection and comfort. 

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Sat 10am-5pm

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