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Inner Peace Balancing  A- Steam

The A-Steam is designed for men to help soothe hemorrhoidal tissue and assist in anal cleansing. The vapors are beneficial, and not invasive. The steam allows maximum absorption to the mucus membranes in the peritoneal area. The herbs have localized effect in the peritoneal area and are also absorbed into the body tissue and blood stream increasing energy and enhancing general health. This treatment is done in a private room setting. You sit on a specially designed chair that allows the steam to penetrate the area of treatment. You may freshen up after your treatment in our steamer with 5 shower heads. This is preferred by many people. One of the major herbs we use causes a deep relaxation, due to this, we prefer to have someone to come pick you up after treatment, unless you live downtown other wise we recommend you sit and relax for 15-30 minutes or get one of our recommend add on services such as  Ionic Foot Bath, InfraRed Sauna or a relaxing Swedish Massage.

Treatment lasts  30 minutes

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