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Inner Peace Organic Spa and Holistic Center, previously called Inner Peace Holistic Center,

has been in Downtown Cincinnati for 22 years.

With all its ups and downs it has consistently provided spa and holistic services

to the city's residents, celebrities and visitors from all parts of the world. 

Most recently it evolved into Inner Peace Organic Spa and

Holistic Center, by changing all its products used at the site to

100% organic and natural.

We now provide the city with the largest variety of services in the tri-state area.

Inner Peace is under new ownership and management, has acquired a new  look,

new staff, new equipment and added several amenities  for our clients delight.











We have a multi-skilled and experienced staff, that can assist you in achieving optimum

health and educate you on how to stay balanced and healthy.  

We have a variety of guests speakers, teachers, trainers, coaches, 

holistic practitioners  and spiritual teachers  that

provide motivation, inspiration and awareness through meditation, yoga,

dance classes, art expressions and life's experiences to help our

clients to achieve balance of the body, mind and spirit.  

We motivate and inspire everyone who comes in to our sacred space to reach

their maximum potential, optimum health and spiritual awareness.  

About Sebastian Rey go to sebastianrey.com


Sebastian Rey 
CEO of Inner Peace Organic Spa
Holistic Health Consultant
Founder of Sebastian Rey Organic Skin Care
and Organic Herbal Supplements 
Mon-Fri 10am-9pm
Sat 10am-5pm

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