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Skin Services

Basic Organic Facial - $70

Your therapist will first examine your skin to determine your individual needs. They will then use a cleanser and hot towels, followed by tonics and masques to repair and revitalize your skin. This service also includes the application of an eye cream, treatment serum and lip balm. Next, a moisturizer will be used to re-hydrate your skin. Finally your therapist will perform a relaxing scalp massage.
This service will take approximately 30 minutes

Full Organic Facial - $100

Rejuvenate your skin with our full organic facial. Your therapist will examine your skin in order to determine the best plant based products for your individual needs. They will then cleanse and exfoliate to remove dirt or dead skin cells and brighten your skin. Next a masque will be applied with steam to detoxify, extractions will be performed if necessary. This will be followed by a décolletage and facial massage. A healing masque and treatment serum will be applied to calm the skin. A moisturizer will then leave your skin feeling soft and supple. Finally, the therapist will soothe you with a hand and foot massage. Approximate time for this service is one hour.

Organic Acai Berry Intensive Antioxidant Treatment - $125

This treatment is designed to help prevent premature-aging, hyper-pigmentation, as well as sensitive

rosacea and acne prone skin. This service features an exquisite blend of organic Acai Berries, Pomegranate,

Blueberries and Hibiscus infusion to provide a super load of antioxidants to stop premature aging immediately, super charge your skin with nutrients, neutralize free radicals, strengthen elastin and boost collagen production. Your skin will be firm, youthful looking, glowing and healthy.

Stem Cell Facial  - Special $200

The Stem Cell Facial begins with a deep cleansing of the face followed by the removal of the outer layer of dead skin cells, debris, sebum, stubborn oil and makeup buildup. The Stem Cell gel is then applied just like a mask which will be absorbed to the deepest layers with the help of a high frequency tool. The high frequency tool will stimulate collagen production and strenghten the elastin making your skin plum and firm for months.  A facial massage follows with a rich elixir that will help repair any further damaged skin and provide hydration and SPF protection.

(This service is an hour and 30 minute of intense deep cleansing, repair and rejuvenation)

Back Facial - $120

A Full Facial for your back! Your therapist will cleanse and exfoliate your back to remove dirt and dead skin cells while order brightening your skin. A tonic is then applied to invigorate. A masque will be used in conjunction with steam to detoxify and extractions will be performed if necessary. A back massage is then followed. A healing masque will then be applied to calm the skin. A treatment serum will be used with a high frequency facial machine and will leave your skin feeling soft and supple. Approximate length of this service will be one hour.​

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